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Jaw Dropping Facts About Your Favourite Football Players

Footballers always have to stay vigilant of their activities. To keep up with the insane levels of commitment required from them, they have to be the very best in every aspect. To reach the maximum level of quality, they even completely change their lifestyle. In return for their services, they are paid handsomely by their respective clubs.

Neymar Jr

Well Neymar is not a new name to any football fan. He has made his name globally due to his stylish social media handles where he shares the best moments of his lavish life. Apart from all that, he is also one of the most paid footballers in the world. Besides his mighty wages and bonuses, theres a very weird clause in his current contract with his club, Paris Saint-Germain. He gets paid €10M by the club for politeness. Yes, you heard that right, Neymar gets paid for always showcasing a polite behaviour towards the club, fans and rules. How cool is that. 

Lionel Messi

The man, the myth, the legend, Messi has always been the centre of attention whenever it comes down to football. The little magician does things unknown to physics. But did you know that during the 2018 FIFA worldcup, a reporter presented Messi with a red ribbon as he said that his mother always believed it was good luck. The reporter then offered the ribbon to Messi for him to succeed immensely with a pinch of extra good luck added. Messi quite modestly accepted his offering and it seems that he still continues to wear that ribbon on his hand. Despite the ribbon being given by a small reporter, Messi still respected his mothers beliefs. What a humble man. 

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