Serial 1\’s New Electric Bicycle Is Truly Next-Gen

Serial 1 is a company which is owned by Harley-Davidson. Serial 1 has taken many steps towards the future with their bicycles with a tinge of Harley-Davidson knowledge added. However, Serial 1 recently launched a new electric bicycle thats taken the world by storm. There have been many electrical bikes getting launched through the years but this one’s different. It allows you to get off-road. 

The newly released Switch/MTN is an electrical off-road bike which allows you to cycle around mountains easily. Serial 1 has already produced 3 different models but Switch/MTN is their most powerful product till date. It has a great design, a range of different colours and also has the best suspension a bicycle could offer. The reviews about the mountainous e-bike have been potentially extensive. People are saying that the features are not a fling and are 100% authentic. 

Extensive Features In The Electric Bicycle

The features also include a powerful headlight at the front. The headlight is told to be so strong that it could even blind a person for some moments. The bike has a 529Wh battery and a 250W motor both placed at the lower centre of the bike. Another intriguing fact about this great bike is that it also offers loads of features through the Serial 1 app. You can plan your everyday with the app. The app also offers great security services which allow you to locate your bike from anywhere in the world. The electric bicycle also provides you with a USB-C port which enables you to charge your devices while riding. The app also provides navigational facilities. 

The price of the e-bike is said to be valued at $4499 which looks quite high at first glance but after you go through its features, its a bargain. 

The bike also ensures better health as you will be getting more of fresh air. Many people around China stay healthy even at an older age because they tend walk and cycle more. So its a great investment from all aspects.Extensive Features

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