Football Is The Best Sports Around The World – Find Out Why

Football is widely regarded as the most loved sports around the world. Its a sport that demands a great connection between your mind and feet. It also keeps you in great shape as many retired football players are still in fine shape. But we are here to talk about how greatly the game is celebrated across different countries.

The High Competition 

There’s no denying the fact that football is widely played in every part of the world. Hence, it means that better players will come forward. The high competition makes it even better to watch. With the competition just too hot to handle, one pushes the other. Each individual gives their very last ounce of blood to make it to the top. 

Football Is Inexpensive And Feasible 

Football is probably the least expensive sport in the world. It doesn’t require for any great equipment or accessories. It doesn’t even require for a football at times. For instance, I used to play football with any thing I found. Plastic bottles, tissue boxes or any sort of ball would do the trick. Many of todays successful footballers came from a struggling family background. So its not all about the way you do it, its about how well you do it. 

Brazilian kids play soccer in a favela, or shantytown, in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. Brazil is hosting the World Cup next month and its team is considered the favorite. Many of the country’s top players learned the game playing in the street or on dirt fields.

A Religion For The Fans

Most of the sports lovers around the globe are football fans. They are so energetic and insane that they would even kill for it. Many people travel hundreds of miles to support their favourite teams and players. If you’re not a football fan, you will still manage to discover that a football match is going on. Footballs fans treat the sport like a religion as they find almost impossible to live without it. The fans also have this thing about themselves as they can easily make non-football fans into football fans. 

The Play Goes On Regardless Of The Conditions

Another reason to love football is that whatever may the conditions be, the match will still go on as planned. Football fanatics don’t get disappointed whenever its raining or snowing as its not going hold them from watching their favourite teams play. Although severe conditions may affect the efficiency of play but the match still continues. However, matches do get postponed if there’s a threat to any players life. Like back in 1937, Sam Bartram, a great goalkeeper of his time didn’t know that the match had been cancelled due to heavy fog. The poor lad stood their for almost 15 minutes not knowing what has happened. 

Football Is Free Of Any Discrimination 

One of the most beautiful things about football is that it has complete freedom. Regardless of the size, religion or physicality, the players are still welcomed. Many people believe that to play football a certain height or athletic level is required but that’s not the case. All you need is great vision, touch, balance and control. Many players who are short in size have made great history in this sport. A common name could be Lionel Messi, who is even widely regarded as the best player in the world. 

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