Internet Places That Will Make You Go Crazy

Internet is a very vast place. Almost every individual uses the internet as it affects every aspect of the life. Everything is available online. May it be educational loopholes, anti-boring activities or other entertainment opportunities. Apart from that it also helps people communicate with each other. It also enables people to pass time effectively.


Imagine if all the theories you had of your favourite stars came into a real perspective. To make it even better, imagine them in the form of an interesting story book. How cool would that be. Wattpad is an app which gives millions of people a platform to write their specific theorised stories about well known public figures. Although, it might also change the way you look up to certain people or even make you fall in love with them more. As of yet, Wattpad has around 1000+ stories in store. 

Different Subreddits 

Many people find reddit as a great escape from all of the tensed worldly matters. Reddit is an app which allows people to form a group and be a member of it. Each member can post stuff and read what the others are publishing. For instance, a subreddit like r/meme, covers all of the best memes available on the internet. It has over 19 million members currently. Yet another great example is r/eyebleach. This subreddit provides one with the most wholesome content available. Although, it literally means to bleach your eyes off whenever they see something terrifying or absurd on the internet. As of now, it has over more than 3 million members. 

A Soft Murmur On Internet

Sometimes all you need is to make a beverage, sit back and enjoy some soothing and relaxing tunes. But its not that easy to find those specific relaxing tunes you are looking for on internet. A soft murmur has a cure for all those issues. This app allows one to create their own sounds. The personal customisation makes it even better. 

Pictures And Videos Of Animals On Internet

Sometimes the most pleasurable thing to do online is to watch cute animals do adorable stuff. People all around the world love animals and who wouldn’t like a sweet puppy perform athletic activities. However, there are many sites dedicated solely to animals doing different things on internet.

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