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Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity if you own a car. However, some people make the mistake of putting their whole budget into the insurance plan. That’s not how it should be in such financially tough times. If you get deeper into the matter and closely study a few options, you might find the most suitable […]

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Cities In USA That Have Set Bars In Order To Be Called Wealthy

In the US, even if you have many dollars stacked up, you’ll still find it hard to be considered as ‘wealthy’. Although you will find the word ‘comfortable’ quite often used against you.  According to the Modern Wealth Survey, it takes about having a further $2.2 million to be considered wealthy in the States. If […]

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Las Vegas Allowing The Consumption Of Marijuana Outdoors

Las Vegas has been the hub of partying since decades now. Almost everything is legal in the sin city. Yet there still remains a questionable activity. As it seems, you can’t consume Marijuana in the city.  Well truth be told, Las Vegas did make the purchasing of Marijuana legal but no one is allowed to […]

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Fun Activities To Do At Home Amid Climate Crisis

You all might be aware of the severe climate crisis faced by several countries around the world. Many parts of the world are facing successive appraisals in temperature. To avoid any kind of health issues such as faintness and weakness, governments are advising people to stay at home mostly. We have come up with some […]

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Serial 1’s New Electric Bicycle Is Truly Next-Gen

Serial 1 is a company which is owned by Harley-Davidson. Serial 1 has taken many steps towards the future with their bicycles with a tinge of Harley-Davidson knowledge added. However, Serial 1 recently launched a new electric bicycle thats taken the world by storm. There have been many electrical bikes getting launched through the years […]

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Elon Musk Wants You To Read These Books At Least Once

Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur. He is also one of the richest men on earth. Apart from all that, he has always held great knowledge about science and technology. His company Space X’s breakthrough is also dependant on science and technology. Elon has also been a frequent reader. He has red many books on […]

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Apple Car Or Google Car?

Technology is literally persevering its way through all barriers and as it seems, there’s no stopping that. For instance, even the car industry is taking a great turn. Carmakers are working day and night to introduce the best and most latest technology available. Here are some facts about the ongoing situations carmakers are facing and […]

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Planet’s Recently Discovered In 2022

Scientists are always curious to explore into the great depths of the universe. They always think about how vast the system is and there is absolutely no end to it. We have gathered a number of great planet discoveries made by scientists in the Space department lately. Rugby Shaped Planet ESA just recently discovered this […]

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MacBook Air 2022 Just Dropped Out – Must Check

Apple has always stayed in the limelight with their rapidly changing technology. Sometimes they even outsmart themselves in the process. Since last year Apple has truly revolutionised the way one looks at laptops or computers. This year they came up with another magnificent device, MacBook Air 2022. Here are some of the very best features […]

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