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Famous Celebrities Who Bought Strangest Things Ever

Every celebrity nowadays is quite active on social media. Its basically a way for them to interact with their devoted fans and followers.Most celebrities publish each moment of their glamorous life online and sometimes they share the most weirdest of things. We have enlisted some of them in this post.

Donald Trump’s Gold Plated Private Jet

Well there’s no shying away from the fact that Donald Trump has always been a big fan of an elite lifestyle but he even outplayed himself when he bought a gold embedded private jet. Rumours also suggest that some items inside are quite expensive as well. There are also rooms and entertainment centres inside of the jet. 

Mike Tyson’s Bathtub

A very popular name in the world of boxing, Mike Tyson has always been the centre of attention with his lavishly living life. The ex boxer takes great interest in showcasing his goods on his social media handles. One of his very weird and unique possessions is a $2M bathtub, which is covered in almost 20 karats of gold. The world went wild when they came to know of this grand purchase. Tyson has always been a great admirer of unique expensive things but his bathtub surely has to top that list. 

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