How to Solve Domain Name Issues: 5 Common Problems

How to Solve Domain Name Issues: 5 Common Problems

Are you frustrated with common domain name issues? Dont worry we will solve these problems and tell you the solutions. The success of the website somehow depends upon its domain name, but there are multiple errors that can harm the reputation over time.  Being familiar with these kinds of crises is important when you are implementing solutions for managing them.

So, in this article, we are going to help you that how you tackle these issues and what are the common domain name issues. The article will be helpful for you if you are thinking about purchasing a handsome domain for your website. Because as you know, everyone is somehow thinking about creating a website and then starting earning from it. So, let’s dive into it without wasting your time.

How to Avoid Auto-Renewal Issues:

How to Avoid Auto-Renewal Issues:

If you are frustrated with an auto-renewal issue when you are going to purchase a domain name. Then don’t think you are the only person who faces this issue. Because every owner of the website faces this issue in starting or at the mid-point. Don’t worry because we are going to tell you multiple steps which you can take to make sure that your site will always be running up.

First of all, you need to check and make sure that all the renewal settings of your domains are properly enabled. So that the system will do its job. In that situation, if your payment is stuck or fails during the process, then you get a straight notification, and you will be able to take proper action at that time.

Keep in mind that you need to check your email inbox in which you get emails from hosting companies and registrars. Because they typically send emails of deadline or expiring at the near time when the domain gets expire. So, check it because there are a few emails that are automatically lost in the spam folder in Gmail.

Keep a record of all the payment information and renewal dates in a spreadsheet, or you can write it on paper along with the dates. In this way, you have all the domains renewed each year time without fail.

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Domain Name

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Domain Name

Selecting the right domain name is a beneficial step when you are creating any type of website. You need to choose a domain that reflects your niche of website and is easily searchable in the Google search engine. Here are a few tips which will be helpful for you in finding the perfect domain for your website:

  • Brainstorm potential names, and after that, use a tool such as Whois to quickly check if they are available or not.
  • Make sure that there is no trademark infringement before registering. Try to search it through databases like USPTO. This will be done in cases in which someone already claimed ownership.
  • Analyze the alternative extensions like .net or .com because this will help you with availability. And show your desired choice of words in the URL.

Handling Your Domain Names Like a Professional: Tips for Making it Easy:

If you find multiple domain names which require managing and their worth will go to extra mile to ignore this admin becoming stunning. You need to start by establishing the inventory list of all the domains, which include both active and inactive ones. This will be helpful with the company and also assists in the aforementioned tracking of expiration times and renewal dates.

After that consider using a hosting provider which offers integrated management tools. There are many domains name on which the website is already running and this will let you experience smooth domain management. This will let you sidestep more issues that we discussed earlier.

Last, you need to think about it whether it makes sense to outsource this all to a third-party agency when you have a packed schedule. Paying few money for assistance is far better rather keep all of the mess spinning on your own.

URL Forwarding Mistakes That Destroy Your Traffic Flow:

URL Forwarding Mistakes That Destroy Your Traffic Flow:

When you are using URL forwarding to direct your targeted visitors from one website address to another website. So, there are a few typical hurdles that will definitely hurt your traffic if you don’t consider it.

First of all, ensure that the forward path is set up properly in the control panel. This will include both HTTPS and HTTP versions and few users might still access your website through old protocols. Keep your focus on any kind of errors in the redirecting process. These may indicate any evil activity or point to other issues which will stop customers from their destination page.

In last, you need to avoid creating many redirects because this will slow down the loading time of your website and enhance the bonus rates frequently. Try to limit yourself between 1 and 3 at least for optimal performance.

Safe Yourself from Cyber Squatters and Domain Protectors:

Evil third parties register domains that contain brand names, trademarks, and product names in order to create money from the traffic. These will generate still around today, and it also hurt your bottom line. Don’t worry we are going to tell you a few steps which are helpful for you and protect you from these evil activities.

  • Register all the possible types of domains like .net, .com, and so far so that you don’t need to leave any gaps.
  • Ensure that you enter your current contact information of you on each domain registration. In this case, if anything will go wrong with one specific particular title or site. Then the owner will easily be reached out and solve the situation ASAP.
  • Carefully search for the existing domains with the same terms because this will help you identify a person who is already trying to use it before it gets too late.


Managing a domain name can be a difficult task for website owners. But it is important for the success and reputation of their website. From avoiding auto-renewal issues to stopping cyber squatters and domain protectors. There are multiple steps that can take to handle their domain names like a professional.

Choosing the right domain name and avoiding URL forwarding mistakes are also important factors in maintaining a successful website. By following the tips and strategies discussed in this article, website owners can safeguard their domain names and make sure their website runs smoothly.

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