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MacBook Air 2022 Just Dropped Out – Must Check

Apple has always stayed in the limelight with their rapidly changing technology. Sometimes they even outsmart themselves in the process. Since last year Apple has truly revolutionised the way one looks at laptops or computers. This year they came up with another magnificent device, MacBook Air 2022. Here are some of the very best features of this powerhouse.

M2 Chip

The all new M2 chip introduced by Apple in Macbook Air has changed all of the critics into lovers. Apple attracted many people around the world already with the introduction of the M1 chip but launching a whole other much faster processor is truly next level. Apple is clearly taking over the laptop world as well now. 


Apple meant serious business this time as they have made the new model much slimmer than the others. It only weighs around 1.25 kgs and that’s quite ridiculous for such a hefty laptop. It also comes in four beautiful different colours which further attracts people towards the potent device. The laptop is has around 11.3mm of thickness as well. This has been their most slim version in the industry of laptops. 

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