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CAPTCHAs Can Be Avoided With This New iOS16 Feature

The most annoying thing is when particular websites or apps ask you to verify that you’re not a robot. This is known as CAPTCHA verification. Reportedly, iOS16 is launching a new feature that could let you skip these weird verification processes. 


CAPTCHA is an online test designed to confirm that the user is not a robot. It pops up out of nowhere when you are trying to open certain websites or apps. It involves you in selecting options asked about in the question. CAPTCHA might ask you strange questions. Like, “select all pictures with a traffic signal in them” or retype a particular phrase written on the screen. It gets very irritating sometimes. At times CAPTCHA even asks about pictures of an object that is even not available in the list of pictures displayed by them. To avoid this hassle, Apple is currently developing a new feature which will make it easy for you to avoid this.