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Sadio Mane Is Transforming His Hometown In Senegal

Sadio Mane was born and brought up in Banbali, Senegal. He came from a struggling family. His first breakthrough as a footballer came when he signed a professional contract with Southampton football club. In 2016 he joined Liverpool and since then, he has never looked back. Apparently, now he is developing his hometown in Senegal with some massive upgrades. 

What Changes Have Been Made

It’s holiday time nowadays for footballers around the world. Some are going off to islands to spend quality time and some are flying back ti their homes. Sadio Mane was visiting his hometown just recently. He has reportedly spent almost £750,000 on the construction of hospitals, schools and petrol stations. The hospital Mane aided in his hometown serves to almost 30 nearby villages as well. He also spent £250,000 on a school which provides the best education all around Senegal. Mane was also recently seen opening a new petrol station in Bambali. The people of the village believe that Bambali can now finally turn into a town, all thanks to Mane. He has also promised to make several other changes which will help the people of his hometown. The most beautiful thing out of these is that he also provides each family in the village with £57 monthly. 

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