How To Make Your PS4 Controller As Good As New

If you own a PS4, you might be aware of the problems users face. PS4 going into sleep mode was considered as the most major issue. But it seems, the Dualshock 4 controller is getting out of hands too. Many problems have been faced by people around the world. With the introduction of Playstation 5, the problems have just picked up pace. 

The Main Issues

One of the most occurring problem is connection failure. This happens when the connection between your console and controller weakens. Another significant issue is your controller might be running out of batteries. The batteries begin to lower with excessive usage. Systematic failures also pose a great threat to controllers. The controller stops working the way it used to and you might further face consistent freezes. Button failures are also annoying many users. Certain buttons also stop working in out of nowhere. The most frequently failing button is the PS button and Touchpad. Dust getting into the controller might also be a reason but it can be altered easily. 

To resolve all these issues, we have come up with one basic solution. This would allow you to make your controller as good as new without having to put a foot out of the house. The solution to your problems is to reset the Dualshock 4 controller. 

How To Reset

When the reset option comes into perspective, it unravels two type of methods. A soft reset and a hard reset. A soft reset can easily be done by going into the settings. After you reach there, select the option of bluetooth devices. Then the screen will show you your currently active controller and non-active controller. Click on the non-active controller and further select the option “forget device”. With the removal of the non-active controller, your current controller would get reset. 

Now comes the challenging part. If you don’t find any spare non-active devices, this would call for the hard reset. Now the hard reset can be done through finding a hidden button somewhere near the L2 button. There would be a small hole near the L2 button which will be the hard resetter. Use something very thin that could easily go inside the hole and press it for almost 5 seconds. After this procedure has been completed, press the share button and PS button together and pair it with the PS4. 

Other Methods

If both these methods don’t work then there are also measures that could be taken. Clean your controller through a blower. It will remove any dust or dirt instilled around the controller. Make sure the blower is being used on a lower level or it might cause serious damages. You can even check for the battery health. To do this you simply need to press the PS button until it opens the side menu. After opening the side menu, the battery status of your controller will be shown left downwards. If all three bars are not full, charge it immediately. Getting new USB-C cables can also eliminate the risk of the controller facing certain failures. 

We hope you find this article helpful as it mainly covers all the reason why your controller might be facing problems and how to solve them. 

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