A Comprehensive Guide On Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush

A Comprehensive Guide On Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush


Are you aware of Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush? If not then don’t worry we will tell you all about this toothbrush in this short guide.

It is obvious that if you buy the wrong toothbrush then it will lead you to oral diseases. So if you want to go with better healthcare then you need to be attentive to the signs of the destroyed and damaged bristles. This is a sin for you or you can say reminder that now you need to change your toothbrush.

According to the recommendation of dentists, a person needs to replace his toothbrush after every 12 to 16 weeks. If you have the most crucial dental tool, then it will stop your teeth from bacteria, bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, etc.

Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush: Preface

Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush: Preface

There are many people in the world who are still using the normal traditional toothbrush rather than using a powered device S2 electric toothbrush. Because it has emerged as a worthwhile dental tool that aids people in solving their oral health care.

Further, you will get 2 gum care brush heads, 6 cleaning brush heads, and a toothbrush head cover so that you keep your bristles clean and safe. The expected life of the bristle head is normally 2 years and it has a feature of quick battery charge. The battery of the Bitvae s2 electric toothbrush will be charged in just 3 hours and you can use it for up to 100 days.

Key Selling Points

According to studies, the electric toothbrush will decrease plaque and gingivitis as compared to a manual toothbrush. If you use s2 electric toothbrush then it will decrease the plaque to 21% and gingivitis by 11%.

However, the rotating toothbrush will look better in terms of working as compared to the vibrating toothbrush. Now, we are telling you the key selling points of this toothbrush.

American Dental Association Accepted

The American Dental Association gives an award to the ADA to seal the acceptance of the Bitvae S2 Electric toothbrush depending on the findings that it is safe for people. The s2 electric toothbrush shows efficiency by eliminating plaque and helps to prevent and lower cavities and gingivitis.

Control Bleeding and Receding Gums with the Red Light Pressure Sensor

 The s2 electric toothbrush emulated a red light smart pressure sensor which alerts at that time of hard brushing to stop destroy to the gum and enamel. Therefore, the usage of the Bitvae s2 will improve your gum health. The toothbrush has 2 minutes timer control system which beats every 30 seconds to remind you that you need to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.

More Effective Cleaning

The toothbrush contains an ultrasonic motor that generates 40,000 micro brush movements per minute. It will remove any plaque as compared to the manual toothbrush. This will help you to achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums. If you have sensitive teeth and you still want cleaning power, then we highly recommend you try Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush.

100 Days of Battery Life:

100 Days of Battery Life

As I mentioned above, the battery of this toothbrush is excellent as it charges in just 3 hours and uses up to 100 days. The toothbrush outshines the competitor R2 rotating electric toothbrush in terms of operating time. This will relieve your battery concerns.

5 Brushing Modes and 9 Intensity Levels

Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush comes with 5 modes for multiple oral care needs which include Gum care, Clean, Sensitive, Tongue, and White. These modes are created to fulfill all your oral core needs and help to balance a healthy mouth. Further, the smart mode allows the 9 levels of brushing intensity in the free smart app.

Advantages of using Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrushes

The famous person David Clover said a beautiful quote: Bad teeth are the kind of decency and are frequently equated with morality. The brush will protect your teeth from oral diseases. Moreover, choosing the right toothbrush is important to witness helpfulness. The few advantages of the Bitvae s2 electric toothbrush are:

Effectively removes plaque:

S2 electric toothbrush pulsates to mitigate plaque, then fluctuate and rotates to brush the plaque away. Over and above that, it also stops your teeth from tartar.

Aid individuals with less mobility:

Limited mobility states that the person has carpal tunnel, arthritis, developmental disabilities, or any other similar diseases that limit movements. Because the pain can limit movements and decreases overall mobility.


Like the other manual traditional brushes, Bitvae s2 electric modern brushes include built-in timers that can do the trick and eliminate plaque from your teeth and gums. Therefore, these brushes come in useful to get going with daily oral care activities.

Less waste:

When the time of change, manual traditional toothbrushes need to be changed as a whole. But, the Bitvae toothbrush comes with 8 toothbrush heads that is used for at least two years. Although, it will be less wasteful.

Promotes oral health:

Bitvae s2 electric toothbrushes are great for people with fixed orthodontic appliances. You will not get surprised if we say that people with braces, brackets, arch wire, separators, chain elastics, etc., are at risk of having white spot lesions and gingival inflammation. When they are having a tough time keeping their mouths clean.

Safeguards gums:

When electric toothbrushes arrive then dental experts point out that they are safer for gums and teeth as compared with manual toothbrushes. It’s no secret that electric brushes are more efficient in eliminating more plaque and decreasing gingivitis than manual toothbrushes.

Accessibility and affordability:

We can provide a guarantee to you getting your hands on Bitvae S2 Electric toothbrushes. And you will be happy to deal with it.


Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush offers a range of features and benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for oral health care. With its gum care and cleaning brush heads, quick battery charge, and expected two-year bristle head life, this toothbrush ensures effective cleaning and convenience.

Key selling points include its recognition by the American Dental Association, the red light pressure sensor for control over brushing pressure, more effective plaque removal, impressive battery life, multiple brushing modes, and intensity levels.

And the advantages it provides, such as plaque removal, aiding individuals with limited mobility, built-in timers, reduced waste, promotion of oral health, and gum protection. With accessibility and affordability, the Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush is a reliable choice for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

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