Sleeping Problems Faced Due To Climate Change

The reason to your sleeping problems could be the excessive change in the climate. Many studies have revealed that the enraging warm weather is causing more insomnia than ever. People are becoming more agitated and distressed due to these changes. 

The rapid increase in global warming has been the centre of attention in this matter. One Earth is an organisation that studies the climate change and then give their views of how you can  act to solve these expeditiously increasing climatic crisis. According to them, the swift increase in global warming is going to effect two and a half days of sleep per year of an individual. This data is an estimate till the year 2099. 

Another unsatisfactory thing about these climatic crisis is that its causing more damage to the senior citizens and their sleeping problems. They are the most at risk due to these increasing changes in the climate. They are said to be affected thrice the amount that any younger person would be. 

The increment in the heatwaves is also causing many people illnesses. Studies show that most people are contracting their allergies at a much faster rate as well. Global warming is causing the temperatures to skyrocket which is further resulting in sickly situations for the people. 

The nature is also getting a great deal of threat due to these crises. Many jungles are catching fires and thats threatening the entire ecosystem as well. 

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