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These Crypto’s Continue To Face Heavy Blows In The Market

This article will follow the sudden collapse of one of the biggest names in crypto. Consistent losses have got the people worrying. Even some have started to pull out. 


Bitcoin makes first on our list quite surprisingly. Its one of the most famous and trusted cryptocurrencies around the globe. In 2021, BTC reached a market cap of almost $1.27 trillion. A single BTC had a price of $69,000. Although, this is not the case now. It has lost about 57% of its price. The value now is expected to be around $20,000. 


Ethereum is the second most wanted cryptocurrency in the world. But as it seems, the ETH has taken a heavy blow as well. It was only behind Bitcoin last year when it had a market cap of almost $134 billion. It has now lost more than 70% of its value. The price of a single ETH used to glide around $4800 last year. It has faced the same blow as Bitcoin faced.