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Secrets Your SEO Agency Doesn’t Want You To Know

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of driving traffic towards your business through making your content more visible. The SEO process can be done through a number of complex ways. Thats why business owners hire SEO agencies. But we have come up with some things that your SEO agency doesn’t want you to know about. 

Clients Behaviour Makes A Lot Of Impact 

Well one of the most secretive process that your SEO agency lays out is to predict your behaviour. For instance, when the assignments are given out to the SEO agencies, the employees undergo a “underground lobbying” process. This is to ensure which employee gets to work on which client. Once they get to know that the client is soft towards the work, the popularity of that certain client will increase in the agency. If you always keep a pleasant personality in front of the workers, you will get the best people to work on your accounts. Every agency has competent and incompetent employees and trust me, you would want to have the best people working on your end. 

Giving them feedbacks on how you find their work, interacting with them in a positive manner will guarantee you the best work possible. Communication is key. Being irrational and annoying towards the employees will further leave you with the worst employees which might cost you in ways you can’t even imagine. All of these practices go behind closed doors so always be vary. 

Inexperienced Clients Are Not Often Liked