Why Tom Cruise Pushes His Co Actors To Be The Best

Tom Cruise is one of the best actors of this generation. He puts his best work forward whatever the scene may demand. Now if its running continuously in the Mission impossible movies or shooting on the top of Burj Khalifa, the actor has always delivered. His recent movie movie, Top Gun: Maverick is the long awaited sequel of Top Gun, which was released in 1986. But in this part, he appears to be working with a number of actors whom he is giving training to in the movie. All actors were to give their very best to live up to Tom’s expectations. 

The Plot

In Top Gun: Maverick, Tom seems to be going back into his A game after 30 when an opportunity to train some new pilots arrives. Going back after so long is not going to be easy for him as he must face his past as well. Among the students, is also the son of Maverick’s deceased friend, Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw.

The Transformation Process

Miles Teller plays the role of \”Rooster\” in the film. He is also a protagonist in the movie. As mentioned before, working with Tom was never going to be easy as it involved great levels of dedication and commitment. Miles understood the assignment and worked very hard to fit in the role. He completely transformed himself to what the role asked of him. His trainer, Jason Walsh publicly stated the journey of the actor. He mentioned how Tom furnished the minds of Miles as he was seeing an unstoppable version of him. 

Attending pilot school was one thing but getting into the best physical shape possible was a great hurdle for him. He trained a lot in the gym with doubling the amount of workout. Miles was hitting abs everyday alongside heavy weight training. The best version of Miles can be seen in this film.

Walsh also said that Tom did so much to revolutionise the mindsets of these actors without even putting a lot of work. They sort of wanted to be their best selves for his sake. 

The reason why Tom Cruise gets the deserved appreciation is that he never settled for less. He never uses stunt doubles for dangerous or highly risked scenes. In Mission Impossible 5, he literally stuck to the side of an airplane which was taking off. How astounding is that. Sources tell us that he is even prepared to shoot a movie that involves him going to outer space. He is preparing for the journey with NASA already. 

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