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Why The Backlash Against Money Heist’s Korean Version

A Korean version of money heist was just released recently. It supposedly takes the exact theme with just a little twist in the tale. Money Heist was one of the most influential series in the world. It fascinated many people. Some people in Spain still dress in red jumpsuits alongside white Dali masks. However, the Korean version seems to get a little backlash by people. We’re going to discuss that in detail in this post. 

Korea has been actively taking part in the drama industry. Netflix is full of Korean shows. Some of them are even Netflix’ own creation. The most standout show as of yet has to be Squid Games. It was released last season and only one season came out till date. People went head over heels for the unique concept of the show. It also bagged the first place in Netflix’ global viewing count. The famous “Red Light” “Green Light” scene went viral and was the epicentre of many memes. The havoc Squid Games caused cannot be overshadowed by any Korean show, as per people. 

Another successful project of Netflix was Money Heist. It was released in 2017. A Spanish series that made its way into peoples heart in no amount of time. It included a gang of eight robbers that were leaded by their chief commander, The Professor. Professor planned out each and every second of the heist as the group of robbers made their way into the Royal Mint of Spain. The goal was to print billions worth of Euros. This series was loved by every single person who watched it but still some managed to criticise it. 

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