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Why Are These Black Dots On Your Car’s Windshield

Most of us usually use cars everyday. We spend a lot of time in our cars on the daily basis. They also have a lot of features but some go unnoticed. Have you ever wondered why does your cars windscreen has black dots?

These little black dots are known as “frits”. The frits are scattered all over the windscreen. But they are not there for decorative purposes. They have a rather essential role to protect your car from serious dangers. Richard Reina, an automobile expert stated the importance of these black dots in an interview. 

He talked about how the windshield of a car is enjoined to a frame. He said the windshield is “bonded using a strong and long-lasting urethane adhesive, which makes the windshield a structural component of the vehicle’s body.”  The black dots “provide a secure point of contact between the glass, urethane adhesive, and windshield frame.”

Their Importance

Apparently, these frits have a much bigger task assigned to themselves. They ensure that the windshield of your car stays intact whenever there’s an uncertain movement. No matter what your car is travelling on, the windscreen must stay at its place. If the frits are not there on the windshield, the glass will rip off from the frame.