What is Cryptocurrency and how it works in Financial Markets

What Is Cryptocurrency And How It Works In Financial Markets?


Many people think and believe that cryptocurrency is an easy or quick way to earn a lot of money in a short period. Somehow it is true but only partially. The opportunities that crypto trading provides are not found in other Financial Markets. If you have a skillful approach then you can quickly enhance your trading deposit by hundreds of times.

Maybe you heard that a person became a millionaire in one night because he is trading. Yes, these are real cases in the cryptocurrency market. The reason for these cases is that the cost of one asset changes. Which is ten times a day and sometimes it changes hundred times. So, that will allow the crypto holders to earn more profits and increase their trading deposits.

In the context of currency markets and traditional stock, the movement of these prices is impossible. Because they can’t think about such a sharp and high change in the price. The major reason is that traditional currencies are somehow controlled and managed but unlike crypto. The central bank and government can’t decide on the issue of crypto assets.

If we talk about another perspective, some people gain millions from cryptocurrency. But when the market collapse they lose more money. As compared to how much they gain from it. So, it is not good that we say cryptocurrency trading is much like a lottery ticket or we rely on luck.

When you start trading cryptocurrency, it is important to understand the whole game. And you need to study the nature of the market that how it goes up and down. Don’t need to think that cryptocurrency is easy and simple. If you want to earn profit daily, then you have appropriate tools and special knowledge about this field. In this blog post, we will tell you how to start trading in cryptocurrency and platforms where you can buy cryptocurrency.

What is the process of Crypto Trading and how it works?

As I mentioned above, the nature of cryptocurrency has increased all over the world. And the quotes are a little unstable. The situation of the market change even in a very short time like 10 minutes and if we take advantage of these fluctuations, we can make good money.

If you see crypto trading live then the coins of a few projects increase and frequently grow up to 500-1000% or even more in one single day. As you heard that there are two sides to the coin so if we talk about another side then the market and the earning of traders rapidly fall and all the money will be in the lost section.

The prices of the tokens quickly collapse more than they grow at a faster rate. Since the market is unstable for a long time, there are pretty much chances that the fortune will increase several times and will decrease in a few minutes after starting the trading activity.

The frequently asked question from many people: what is crypto trading? On a short note, we can say that the ability of traders to take advantage of uncertain market movements.

How to Start Trading in Cryptocurrency:

How to Start Trading in Cryptocurrency:

If you want to do investment in cryptocurrency trading and you don’t have professional experience related to financial markets then don’t worry. Here is how you get this done:

If you don’t have any idea about financial markets and how it operates, then we highly recommend you start with the stable asset and don’t go on the highly unstable asset that fluctuates.

The coins that are considered liquids are Ethereum and Bitcoin and they are paramount digital coins. These coins allow you to sell and buy them and this option will always open for you. In addition, the demand and supply will always be close to the rates of markets.

Basically, the meaning of liquidity term is that the property asset which is in liquid form can easily be converted into cash or other digital currencies. This means you can sell them at any time at a price that is close to the market.

However, if you don’t have a good experience, then we highly recommend you don’t choose volatile coins including insufficient liquidity. This will be more difficult for you when you make trading operations and it is important to adjust the volume of trading for the liquidity that is available.

Buying and selling in crypto exchange will be possible within a few dollars but if you mean this statement that 10 dollars are enough then maybe you are wrong. In the initial stage, you need more than 10 dollars because with that money you can’t do anything in the stock market.

The main thing you keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency exchange will operate 24/7. On the other hand, traditional brokers offer their clients to get access to the traditional market only during limited working hours which is the rule and the working time is from Monday to Friday.

The Technical and Fundamental Analysis of How Crypto Trading Works?

The Technical and Fundamental Analysis of How Crypto Trading Works?

Technical Research: It is the analysis of the price or volume change in the past which allows you to predict the price of the future. In traditional research, you can get help from different tools like candlestick patterns, graphic models, indicators, levels, and trends.

On the other hand, the fundamental analysis is the research of both internal and external factors which help you to analyze whether the business or assets are overvalued or undervalued. The tools that use in fundamental research are price-to-earnings ratio, earnings per share, analysis of sales volume, market share, book value, and much more.   

Platforms of Cryptocurrency:

Platforms of Cryptocurrency:

Choosing a platform for trading is another beneficial aspect of trading. It needs to be safe, trustworthy, and in liquid form. However, the biggest platforms for trading in Europe are WhiteBit which fulfills all the requirements.


Trading in Cryptocurrency is suitable for those people who are well experienced and psychologically stable and they have also experience with traditional stock and have a better understanding of how thing works and how to manage the risks.

The beginners who enter this field have two options. First, you need to study, learn, and then trade on the traditional market and then enter the cryptocurrency field.

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