What Is American Family Insurance?

American Family Insurance, mostly gone by the name of AmFam, is an American mutual company. AmFam makes casualty, property and auto insurance their priority. Whereas life, health, homeowners and commercial insurance is also something offered in abundance by them. The company also offers great deals on retirement plans as well. 

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance was founded on October 3, 1927. Insurance salesman Herman Wittwer founded it when he established Farmers Mutual Company in Madison, Wisconsin. During the time of its launch, the company only offered auto insurance. And as the name suggests, their target audience/market was farmers. Herman Wittwer had a theory in his mind. He believed that farmers are less risky drivers than city drivers mainly because they drove occasionally. 

Since the, Farmers Mutual Company started the journey of becoming one of America’s best and they quite rightly did so. To meet the changing needs of its potential and loyal customers, Farmers Mutual Company expanded its market and developed their service line. Farmers Mutual Company officially changed its name to American Family Mutual Insurance Company in 1963. This was because the company had become more vastly equipped by different American citizens as their insurer. 

American Family Insurance For The Customers

AmFam also takes part in social matters and strictly condemns any social disobedience. For instance, AmFam launched a campaign called DreamFearlessly in 2017. The main idea of the campaign was to encourage social justice, getting women into tech and economic empowerment. The campaign is still active and running and AmFam’s ambassadors always use this hashtag on their social media accounts to further promote the idea. 

American Family Insurance company offers a wide line of services to its clientele. Many of their insurance coverage services are as followed. 

  • Personal and business auto insurance 
  • Home insurance 
  • Motorcycle, boat, snowmobile and car insurance 
  • Business policy package insurance 
  • Farm and ranch liability insurance 
  • Global medical insurance 
  • Personal umbrella insurance 

AmFam also adopts the usage of a reward system that allows its insureds to earn small to big rewards by completing tasks online. The reward system is titled as “Dreamkeep Rewards”. 

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