WatchOS 9 Beta Hints Towards Some Massive Upgrades

In accordance to iOS 16 beta, Apple released the WatchOS 9 beta. The new WatchOS seems to have truly changed one’s views towards the Apple Watch. A lot of new features including new Watch Faces can be expected. 

These features will include the current Apple Watch models as well. So don’t worry about buying the new Apple Watch Series 8. But Apple cements its place for holding the best smartwatch in the world. Its all been possible due to their brilliant WatchOS technology. 

Medications App

If you are someone who has to take several medications daily, this app will be a saviour for you. All you have to do is select the form of medications you take and let the app do the rest. The medications app will send you notifications to remind you to take your medications asap according to your time descriptions. The app can also tell you any harms or side effects concerning certain medicines. This takes the health department of Apple Watch to a whole new level. 

Fitness Features

Apple is motivated to make their smartwatches the best of the best. With these new incredible features launched, surely there’s no stopping that. New running metrics have made their way into the WatchOS 9. This will allow you to track your running schedules more extensively. Monitoring of heart rate zones will also be available now. It will depict your heart rates during workouts or cardio sessions judging on the intensity of them. It will allow you to identify your progress. Vertical oscillation, ground contact time and running stride length will also be available. 

Mirroring App

A great feature will be upgraded in WatchOS 9. This accessibility feature will allow you to use your watch through your iPhone or through AirPlay. Some people find lifting their hands to use their Apple Watch quite tiring. The hand sometimes gets numb. The mirroring feature will allow you to rest your hand completely and you will be able to access all of your watch’ features easily. 

Watch Faces

Four new faces can be expected in the new WatchOS 9. An upgraded version of astronomy and lunar watch face can also be expected. An animated digital clock face and metropolitan face are also coming. The metropolitan watch face will experience typography as well. Moreover, the current watch faces will also get more detailed. There will be more features to develop the current watch faces. 

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