Upcoming Netflix Shows And Movies You Need To Watch

If your Netflix experience is getting boring, we have come up with a list of upcoming shows/movies. The article will also cover the most recent released titles. 

Money Heist: Korea

Well yes you heard that right. A Korean version of Money Heist has been released by Netflix. The actual Money Heist Season snatches the top seat in almost every poll. Released in 2017, the Spanish version features a gang of thieves who rob the Royal Mint Of Spain followed by the Bank Of Spain. The Protagonist/Antagonist of Money Heist was gone by the name of Professor. His character became the top favourite of many people. 

On the other hand, Money Heist’s Korean version is a remake of La Casa De Papel (The Money Heist). Pretty much everything has been the same except the language. The Korean version features a new Korean Peninsula to be developed. A whole new place would require the need to hold a separate currency, hence new notes to printed. The opportunity sparkles in the eyes of the thieves and they set themselves for the heist. They are still leaded by the professor. The attire of red jumpsuits and white masks also remains the same. The names are also kept after different cities around the globe. 

Umbrella Academy Season 3

Umbrella Academies previous two seasons were highly liked by people. It follows how siblings who have some supernatural powers got distant over the time. Hence they were reunited on their father’s passing. The siblings unravel some dark facts about their own family and are on the verge of fighting a big threat to the humanity. 

Love & Gelato On Netflix

Love & Gelato was just recently released by Netflix. It features a young girl who is all set to travel all the way to Rome. She travels to Italy to honour her mother’s memory. Netflix describes this wonderful movie as, “too messy and full of chaos for her serious, methodical, and even a little nerdy nature, she will find herself forced to have to deal with all her obsessions, anxieties, and fears but also to have to deal with the past of her mother who hides some surprises and some secrets.

Immersed in magical landscapes and in unfamiliar and exciting foods, fascinated by the unique style of Italian fashion, overwhelmed by romantic unexpected events, and overwhelmed by a new and anomalous family, Lina will learn to look to the world and to herself with a finally different eye.”

The Man From Toronto On Netflix

This movie is a blend of two of the most liked genres around the world, Action and Comedy. The story starts when New York’s biggest screw up and a deadly assassin are mistaken for each at an Airbnb rental. Both of then sort of team up to stay alive and survive through the forces sent their way. 

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