Top Pet Insurance Companies

People who have experienced taking their sick or injured pet to the vet, have complete awareness over how costly those services can be. Situations like these shout right at us for having some sort of financial safety. If you truly love your pet, you should get pet insurance as soon as possible then. 

With todays article, we aim towards helping you to choose the best pet insurance companies in the U.S. in 2022! 


Lemonade also provides the usual accident and illness insurance policies for cats and dogs but they entice their policies with certain add on options. You can choose from up to three different wellness programs and reimbursement for vet exams for covered conditions. Lemonade is also the most cheapest option in the whole U.S. when considering pet insurance. It also offers a two day waiting time for accidents, which is the lowest for any company on our list. 


Embrace provides coverage policies for accidents and illnesses for cats and dogs. The company also includes an optional extra cost feature that provides around $650 in reimbursements for preventive care. This feature is called Wellness Rewards. However it may not be referred to as a policy. Similar to Lemonade, they also offer a two day waiting period for accidents. 


Spot Insurance specialises in pet insurance. They have two types of insurance offers for cats and dogs. One provides coverage for only accidents and the other covers both the accidents and illnesses. Although you must remember that these policies come in compliance with annual deductibles. Another benefit with Spot is that exam fees for select conditions are covered by Spot’s policies. Some of the other names on this list don’t offer that feature yet. Lastly, they have their own app as well. 


Trupanion also provides accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs. The company also provides a five day waiting period for accidents and thats quite shorter than most of the companies on our list. However, their 30 days waiting period for illnesses is the quite opposite. Trupanion also gives their clients more access with their own app. 

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