Thor Love And Thunder Is Going To Change The Marvel Universe

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Marvel has always been the centre of attention with their extraordinary action movies. Since the release of Avengers Endgame, Marvel has upped their game. While the ending of Avengers Endgame might have left a number of fans in a shattered phase, Marvel came up with a great development programme. They launched series alongside movies to support their ideas. The most awaited movie this year.

Thor: Storyline

The most awaited movie this year was ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. After its trailer being launched just recently, the fans have gone insane. There are many reasons for them to act this way and we are not complaining. First and foremost, it will demonstrate the life of Thor after all he went through in the previous movies. As you all might already know that Thor went a little off track with his physique, the trailer seems to have shown his transformation process. It also highlights the issues the norse god faces while he is focusing on his retirement.

New Entries

Secondarily, the movie is also featuring some forgotten names. The mighty comeback of Thor’s only love interest, Jane Foster has caused chaos around the world. Although, Natalie Portman was spotted many times by  paparazzi’s on the sets of Love and Thunder but we all had no idea she would make such an entry. She appears as what fans are calling, Lady Thor. After her appearance in 2013 in the first movie, she was never seen in any other projects. Her sudden appearance might be a turning point for her career in the superhero world. 

Another amazing addition to the move is Christian Bale. The great method actor can be seen as the Antagonist. The trailer didn’t show much of him but it was enough to cause havoc among the fans. Bale forms the role of Gorr the God Butcher. As his name suggests, he is here to wipe out every God out there. To stop the powerful nemesis, Thor must seek the help of many old friends. This is where the guardians of galaxy come in. After Endgame, Thor decided to team up with them to help solve the other worldly crisis. The sequel also features Valkyrie and Korg. Both of them were first mentioned in Thor Ragnarok. 

The director Taika Waititi makes this movie with the hope of answering all questions and theories the fans have made. We can’t simply wait for the movie to launch. 

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