This Famous Guru In USA Endangered A Forest In India

Sadhguru is a well renowned yoga teacher from India. He is not just famous in India, but in the States as well. But just recently, Sadhguru was accused of illegal constructions in a forest in India. 

Sadhguru was just recently hosted by Trevor Noah for an interview. Not only that, he was also invited by Will Smith to his house in LA. His meeting with the star got very popular. 

The Conspiracy

In 2012, reports broke out of wild elephant attacks on people. This was all happening near a UNESCO world heritage office. The reports of the attack came from Coimbatore city. To further look into the matter, this was all happening in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India’s most massive forest. These all scenarios sparkled the eyes of a journalist, Siva. He intended to first talk to the local people. He didn\’t find anything significant. Then Siva set himself on a journey to the forest and started looking for the reason. He eagerly wanted to find out why the elephants are behaving so strangely. Many humans died due to their impulsive actions. Later, he found out that around 30 buildings were built on the name of institutions on and off the forest. The buildings belonged to the Isha Foundation. It was also revealed that these buildings have been made without any permission. 

To put things into perspective, Isha Foundation is owned by Jagadish Vasudev a.k.a Sadhguru. 

Sadhguru’s Bold Statements

Sadhguru has somewhat over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He wears the exact same attire many other guru’s wear in India. Sadhguru also limitlessly leads campaigns that involve some unearthly issues. He doesn’t limit his campaigns to his native country only. He moves around the world with his message. One of his most recent campaigns were about saving Earth’s soil and climatic crisis. 

“The scale of his activities is nothing short of criminal,” says siva. Who persevered through thick and thin to find the real truth about Sadhguru. 

Sadhguru also reportedly told his preachers to tamper with a BBC tamil interview where the journalist asked him about his speculated activities. 

Even a student once asked him about these accusations and Sadhguru’s reply left us all into despair. 

“If I want, I can file a hundred cases against you. It’s up to you if you want to spend the next 20 years in court,”. Sadhguru replied.

Isha Foundation is situated in both India and the US. They offer yoga techniques and classes on how to become more spiritual. Although there’s no evidence or record of how the foundation earns. All of his foundations are non-profitable. 

Many people in India oppose his dangerous activities. They protest against his Islamophobia and other derogatory remarks. He is a villain in some peoples eyes yet cherished by a lot. 

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