Tesla Involved In Racial Controversies Yet Again

Tesla is facing yet another racial discrimination lawsuit in its being. A number of black employees have stated that Tesla has been actively inefficient in order to reduce the amount of racism in the workforce

Around 15 ex employees of Tesla have been exposed to racism in the workplace. They are suing the tech car company for failing to avert racial disobedience. The matter took place at its Fremont factory in California. The employees went to court to form a formal lawsuit against the company. As reported, they were the target of racial slurs and harassment while their tenure at Tesla. 

The report also included that the workers were called the N-word quite frequently. Words like “slavery” were also used by their fellow colleagues. Thats not the worst of it. The restrooms and workstations at the factory were also written and filled with racial remarks. Certain drawings also took place. 

Employees Who Faced Racism

Well the most shocking thing is that the file also concluded that the management at Tesla also instigated racial discrimination. The complaints filed were consistently ignored and nothing was done to condemn this heinous act. One of the racially abused employees, Jasmin Wilson went public with what she was facing during her time at Tesla’s factory. As per her statements, she was continuously assaulted both sexually and racially. And that too by her fellow coworkers and managers. According to her, the managers did absolutely nothing to prevent that from happening. They even accused her of lying at a point. Nathaniel Gonsalves claimed that he was fired out of nowhere after 9 years of service. He actively took part in racism preventing campaigns while his time at the company. Several other ex employees also expressed their stance about these matters during their service to Tesla. 

However, keeping in mind that this is not the first time the company has faced a lawsuit that included racism in it. Their barbaric activities need to come to an end. A black employee even once won his case against Tesla. The case was exactly the same as of now. Tesla not being able to remove racism from the workforce. 

Many magazines have also stated that Tesla’s Fremont factory is a “racially segregated environment where Black workers are subjected to racial slurs and discriminated against.”

Tesla’s Verdict

As expected, Tesla has denied all these allegations made against them. They also stated in their blog that they oppose any sort of racial discrimination and disobedience at Tesla. 

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