Stranger Things Paying This 90s Singer A Fortune

Well Stranger Things was bound to cause chaos once season four was released. The previous seasons did quite the same. People across the globe have watched Stranger Things for seven billion minutes. That is ridiculous! I mean that makes it a minute for each person in the world. Seven billion minutes as soon as season four was released by Netflix. The most shocking part is that the most famous and strong streaming app, hence Netflix, faced a breakdown once the new season was released. Stranger Things also blew the Nielson Streaming Record. Although Stranger Things cast, crew and staff are not the only ones getting blessed. Kate Bush is on the verge of greatness yet again. 

 Song Given A New Life

Stranger Things season 4 includes “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. Well this song is used in almost every episode of season four. The copyrights of this song belongs to a company called “Nobile and Brite”. This is Kate’s company. To be precise, she holds the copyrights to the song she wrote in the 80’s. She has been benefitting largely in this whole Stranger Things Saga. According to expert analysis, the song faced 57 million streams on Spotify. That too only since the release of Stranger Things season four. 

This puts into perspective an almost $200,000 per week for Kate Bush. This all from only one platform. TikTok has its own way of doing things. 

Many films have had the knack of taking old forgotten songs to back on the top. Iron Man is an example. Even when Bohemian Rhapsody was released, some famous songs faced a very high number of streams. Now that the availability of music apps has increased, songs’ popularity will only increase further. 

How Kate Is Getting Paid ?

When a series uses a song in their production, they pay the company that produced that piece of music. When that same song is streamed by fans on apps like Spotify or Apple Music, the streaming apps pay the songs’ production company. Mostly the money is divided between the sectors that helped in producing a certain song. For instance, the money can be fractionated between the singer, music producer, songwriter and the instrument players. However in this case, Kate will solely receive all the money as she has over 70% rights to her song. 

I mean no one could be expecting to get paid so highly even after its been four decades since the song’s release. She even was a part of an interview recently. The interview was conducted by BBC. “It’s so exciting. It’s quite shocking really, isn’t it? The whole world’s gone mad,” 

“What’s really wonderful is that this is a whole new audience who in a lot of cases haven’t heard of me, and I love that.” She mentioned during the interview. 

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