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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Or Watch 5

Samsung announced their new watch Samsung Galaxy 5 just recently. In this article we will take a look at how the new watch could look like. We will also compare it with the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. 

As of now, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best watch launched by Samsung. Its also one of the best smartwatches around the world. The watch featured some great properties. People thought it too mainly revolve around the vast health options but that’s entirely not the case. Sure, it does offer great health and fitness benefits but the overall smartwatch is a treat as well. 

Price War

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is widely expected to be in the same range as Watch 4. People and leakers don’t anticipate the watch to be staggeringly costly. Galaxy Watch 4 can be bought around $249. However, if you go into more classic materials and functions, it could easily get around $349. Now the more pricey watch will be of 42mm with bluetooth. 

Design and Display

Now Samsung completely changed their style with Watch 4. The past versions were a bit fat compared to Watch 4. The current smartwatch took a pretty slim theme alongside the transformation from watch case to band. It also had the bezel screen which was introduced first by Samsung in 2018. There hasn’t been any official news about the Galaxy Watch 5 but we can expect it to have several changes. The Watch 5 could probably have enhanced materials such as a titanium glass.