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Sam Asghari Hopes To Be Marvel’s Next Superhero After Getting Married

Just few days ago Britney Spears married to Sam Asghari. Sam is a 28 year old fitness trainer. But it appears that Sam is hoping to be cast as a Marvel superhero. The fitness freak now wants to push start his career into movies and here’s all you need to know. 

Sam Asghari’s Journey

While Sam Asghari has always been involved in small commercial and advertisements, he now wants to be the part of the bigger picture. A lot of sources report that Sam Asghari has been sending his audition clips to Marvel for getting signed officially and be a part of the Marvel universe. Sam also has been promoting his upcoming role in the movie ‘Hot Seat’. This movie will also feature Mel Gibson besides him. Sam appears to be quite psyched about this project as he filled his Instagram with different kinds of updates about the movie.