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Why Millions Of People Die Due To Pollution Every Year

One of the most deadly threats to humans these days is pollution. There are three main types of pollution. Land, Water and Air. Noise pollution also comes into the list in some aspects. But air and land pollution has been the main cause of around 9 million deaths around the world per year. 

Pollution was always there but recently it has picked pace with almost triple impact. Many new diseases have been discovered over the time, thanks to pollution. The most at risk by this environmental issue are the elderly and young ones. Most of the deaths include these age groups. Contamination is also said to be more dangerous than smoking and alcohol consumption. Many ivy league universities are now closely studying the prospect of pollution getting stronger. They have released several articles on the matter and are covering every possible way to overcome some of it. On the other hand, many international organisations such as WHO are also studying the possibility to make Earth invulnerable of this global issue. 

Now how is water pollution causing deadly threats? Water contamination is the second most dangerous form of pollution after air and land. Chemical and radioactive waste dumping and inappropriate sewage disposal are the main causes of water pollution. People who usually indulge in chemical or radioactive activities, hence work there, are mostly the ones who get targeted by contamination. Thousands of deaths are caused every year to people who undertake these activities. 

How To Stop Polluting