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Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Reopened At Disneyland

Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland has had its fair share of breakdowns over the years. This adventurous ride was launched in 1967. Since then, its been on and off. Months back, the ride was declared temporarily closed again. 

In March, Disneyland revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride would be on a holt again. Guests and fans didn’t take it in a good way. It was rescheduled to be open again in “Summer 2022”. As it appears, the ride is back on track now. 

Nothing new was added as suspected. But a better sound structure can be experienced. Slight improvements were also made to cancel out any unwanted incidents. 

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Still Intact

Well the main aspect of the ride, Captain Jack Sparrow, also had a lot going whilst the ride’s closure. He went through a topsy turvy trial against former lover. Some even suspected that its been closed to avoid particular controversies amid the trial.