Nothing Phone 1 Is The Most Awaited Smartphone Of The Year

Nothing is a company owned by OnePlus. Although, the company hasn’t produced anything significant as of yet but their next product has people on the edge of their seats. Nothing is going to launch a smartphone which will go by the name of ‘Nothing Phone 1’. Here’s all you need to know about the phone. 


Although nothing serious has been revealed about the upcoming Nothing Phone 1 but we do have an idea of how it will look like. With the name of the company being Nothing, the phone has nothing on itself either. The back of the phone is transparent. Its giving us a view of how the phone looks like from the inside. The owner of the company, Carl Pei confirmed that the smartphone will take a see-through look. It also has two cameras at the back. 

Software System

Which software system the phone will install is probably the most common question among people. It will neither have Android nor Apple. Nothing is looking to develop its own software system which will support the device. Nothing OS is trying to compete with Apple’s IOS. Although, the system will provoke parts of android. Carl Pei has also released a beta version of what the software could look like in the foreseeable future. However, it only supports a fewer android devices as of now. 

Price And Release Of The Smartphone

It is believed that the price will be quite affordable just like the OnePlus phones. Its hard to commit to only one price as of now because there could be many significant changes or failures while developing the phone. You can expect a price around $850 – $1000. Nothing has been quite secretive with the date of the launch. Not even an expected date, month or year has been allocated. But there might be some hope left as Carl Pei’s company will conduct an international event. The event is expected to be held on the 12th of July. 

Another fact we know about Phone 1 is that it has officially partnered up with a UK network company, O2. Flipkart, an online market in India will be responsible for selling Nothing Phone 1. People are waiting tirelessly for this new device to be launched into the world as it can offer a great experience at a fair price, hopefully. 

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