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Millie Bobby Brown To Be Casted In The New Star Wars Movie

Millie Bobby Brown came to fame at a very young age and that was all possible due to the success of the season, Stranger Things. When it was first released, it instantly made an impact on Netflix. The season was widely recognised as one of the most unique shows. Millie was given the leading role which allowed her to explore greater horizons. Recently, Millie has been aiming to get casted into Disney’s Star Wars. 

Millie has always been a Star Wars fan and she is expected to star in the new movie. Well there’s no denying of the fact that she is already making a fortune out of each Stranger Things episode via Netflix. The new star wars role could offer her around $12 Million. Another captivating theory is that Millie’s manager is good friends with Star Wars head, Kathleen Kennedy. All things point towards her getting the role imminently. 

Many sources are reporting that she has been in direct contact with the representatives of the Disney franchise. The signature is more than close now. Millie’s participation in the franchise is highly valued by them. This might be due to her audience appeal. Millie is a heartthrob of many teenagers around the world. Most of the Star Wars fanatics are teenagers. This would turn out to be an overhaul situation for Disney. They would be able to multiply their turnover with her contribution on board.