Most Paying Jobs In Property-Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance is a term widely used to describe the standard insurance policies that cover liability and property damage. Luckily, there are many potential job openings in this field of insurance. However, you might have to channel some of your inner skills as it can get quite challenging at times. The field of P&C also pays handsomely and it also provides the employees with some fringe benefits. 

If you’re analysing a potential job opening in this field then massive props to you as it’s a field that is growing with each day passing. So let’s have a look at some of the best paying jobs in the property and casualty insurance field. 

Best Paying Jobs In Property And Casualty Insurance 

Landlord Insurance Agent

Average Annual Salary: $53,000

Landlord insurance agents usually work in accordance with landlords who own properties and are looking to rent them out. Such type of insurance primarily include both property and liability protection. The idea is to safeguard the landlord from any sort of financial loss. 

Homeowners Insurance Agent

Average Annual Salary: $68,500

Homeowners insurance allows the clients to minimise the risk of exposing their home and belongings to unforeseen events. The idea is to provide maximum protection and security. Potential risks might include fire and thefts. Agents who work in the industry of homeowners insurance must provide their absolute best whilst protecting their clients’ interests. 

Property Casualty Agent

Average Annual Salary: $49,500

Property casualty agents are those people who sell various insurance policies to protect homes, personal properties, business properties and automobiles against any damages or liability concerns. In this job you are put up against clients and customers and one should also look forward to meet potential clients and explain them the importance of insurance. 

Property And Casualty Insurance Producer

Average Annual Salary: $22,000-83,000

In the line of insurance, producers are thought of as those people who are licensed to sell, solicit and deal in insurance. This means that anybody in the field of insurance can adopt this role. In simpler words, it’s up for grabs by the fittest to the least likely candidate. In this job you offer insurance policies that protects your potential clients and consumers from any sort of financial loss. You can say that this is also a form of business. 

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