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Most Heavily Guarded Places In The World

People usually secure places that contain very sensitive information or very high valued items. Many unknown places in the world tend to have the most well built security programmes that are truly next-gen. We are going to discuss about some of those here.

Area 51 – Nevada

First and foremost on our list is Area 51. Located in Nevada, US, this place is said to be an air force base for the US army but according to several conspiracies and rumours, the real purpose of the place is still unknown to the world. The amount of high-tech security around the place definitely puts it up for question. The “no fly zone” causes more suspicion.

Korean Demilitarised Zone – Korea

One of the most heavily guarded borders in the world which stands in between North and South Korea. Its guarded with electric wires, walls and pillars. However, the places is also loaded with landmines. Not only that, its also protected by hundreds of well trained soldiers who are always heavily armed.