Mental Disorder Rate Increasing Day By Day, WHO states

WHO just recently revealed that around a billion people in the world might suffer from mental disorder. That also means every 1 in 7 people might suffer through mental disorder. Thats ridiculously distressing. 

The Problem

World Health Organisation further added that this situation might have been caused by the COVID pandemic. They believe that the virus did leave an enraging effect in the human body contracting anxiety and depression. Mental health is also getting affected by the current climatic crisis.Which are currently being faced all around the world. Authorities are advising people to stay at home mostly during the day. WHO is also urging countries to develop. Certain policies are being developed to overcome this nerve-wracking situation. 

The inextricable links between mental health and public health, human rights and socioeconomic development mean that transforming policy and practice in mental health can deliver real, substantive benefits for individuals, communities and countries everywhere. Investment into mental health is an investment into a better life and future for all.


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,WHO Director-general

WHO further mentioned that the difference between developed, developing and underdeveloped countries might also cause more trouble. Even high earning countries can’t treat everyone due to lack of healthcare centres. 

People who have depression face greater levels of risk, stated WHO. A very minute amount of depression facing patients receiving formal treatment. 

We all need to take precautions to prevent the situation from getting worse with every day passing. Awareness should be raised among people. People who face depression or anxiety need to take serious actions to protect their mental health. Good mental health will also ensure more productivity. 

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