Marilyn Monroe’s Priceless Dress Ruined By Kim Kardashian?

Marilyn Monroe was an American singer, model and actor. She gained a lot of audience in 1950 due to her bold personality. Her style was very unique and that made her an icon. Her dressing used to turn a lot of heads. Although there might be a suspicion that Kim Kardashian may have allegedly damaged her dress. Here’s all you need to know. 

The Kardashian Name

Kim Kardashian has been an epitome for women’s fashion in todays world. She has been at the centre of all fashion related stuff. People look up to her in every manner in this department. Its essential for her to look beautiful and unique all the time. Last month at Met Gala, her fans had the same expectations and she didn’t disappoint them. The mega star seemed to have appeared in a dress that was owned by the evergreen Marilyn Monroe. The world was taken aback after her arrival in that magnificent piece of clothing. 

Kim had borrowed that dress from a very famous museum in the US, Ripley’s believe it or not! This museum is known worldwide due to their unique style. They tend to own stuff that is so bizarre and strange that it even shocks the most curious of people. Ripley’s believe it or not! bought the popular Marilyn Monroe dress for $4.8 million in 2016 in an auction. They seemed to have lent it to Kim but as per sources, it didn’t come back in its previous form. 

The Damages

Marilyn wore that dress in 1962 when she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to president John F Kennedy. A very known collector Scott Fortner asked his sources to take pictures of the dress worn by Kim after the Met Gala. The pictures taken after the colossal event looked to be having a lot differences. After running proper comparisons, Scott came to know that the dress had ripped fabric on some spots and a lot crystals were missing from the dress. When this news went  circulating, people couldn’t hold back their anger. Kim Kardashian was widely criticised by many, even some of her fans. 

Scott Fortner has devoted his life to Marilyn Monroe. He owns many websites and pages dedicated to her. After realising the tampering done with the dress, he was fuming. He even wrote about this on his Instagram account. Although, Kim didn’t say a thing about all those allegations made against her. Yet, Scott held Ripley’s accountable for the damages done to the gorgeously designed dress. 

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