Major Features To Look Out For With The Launch Of iOS16

iOS16 is all set to be launched in the upcoming September. There have been some leaks and reviews to look forward to and we will cover them in this post today. Here’s a quick look into how iOS16 could look like. 

In the most recent WWDC, Apple revealed some news about their upcoming iOS16 software. After the conference, many Apple enthusiasts came up with potential, almost near to possible features that the iOS16 can uphold. The mew features will come in many different departments in the phone. For instance, enhanced lock screen editing, improvements in the visual look up and messages.

Now as you all know, Apple always reveals the new iOS software alongside their new phone. Thats the case this time around too. iPhone 14 will be revealed alongside the new software. Many people are on the edge of their seats. That’s because the new software and iPhone, both are going to be Apple’s best as of yet in their respective categories. iPhone 14 will be their most powerful and efficient phone. The iOS16 is also expected to be the most smoothly run software by Apple. 

iOS16 Most Major Features

Many people are excited about the lock screen this time. Expectedly, its going to be completely revolutionised. Users will be given the opportunity to select different fonts for the clock digits. They will also be able to change its colour. Another exciting feature is that you can even add widgets to your lock screen. Widgets were introduced with the iOS15. Users were only able to place them at their home page but that will not be the case with iOS16. It will be mostly like the Apple Watch. Where you can hold up to a said number of lock screen designs. You can edit wallpapers to your style as well. 

An exciting upgrade about iCloud photo sharing. You will be able to share photos lag-free into specific iCloud photo libraries now. The transferring process might only take seconds. 

Now the most frequently asked feature about the messages is here. Users will now be able to delete their sent messages now. Apple had many of their potential users fuming because every single texting app offers this feature. But as it appears, your prayers have been answered and Apple is now on board with this idea. Users will also be able to edit their messages. Which will further fascinate the users. 

The Focus options can now feature in your lock screen. You will be able to design your own lock screens with the choice of your focus modes. 

Apple Wallet has introduced an exciting feature as well. You will be now allowed to enjoy the luxury of buy now pay later through Apple Pay. Whenever you make a purchase through Apple Pay, you will able to edit your total payment into weekly instalments. The payments will not take charge you anything above the money you owe. 

When Will Be It Released

Although there’s hasn’t been an official set date revealed by Apple but the launching event could take place in September. Apple usually reveals their new products in September. Its Apple’s most favourite month and trust me, mine as well.  However the beta version is predicted to come around in the start or mid of July.

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