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Machine Gun Kelly Forced People Off Wave Pool At Carowinds

Just recently, Machine Gun Kelly forced people to leave the Wave Pool at a very popular theme park. 

Theme parks have always caught peoples attention with the magical services they offer. Live entertainment, games, rides and role plays at times. Now there are potentially many theme parks all around the States. The most famous ones are Walt Disney World Resort, The Disneyland, Universal Orlando Resort and Magic  Kingdom Park. Still and all, a very famous theme park named Carowinds faced an unannounced event just recently. 

The Actual Scene

Carowinds is a well known name in the industry of theme parks. Carowinds is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. But one of the most happy places in the world faced a very sad afternoon lately. Guests around a wave pool known as “Tidal Wave Bay” were forced to empty the whole area so that Machine Gun Kelly can come through. Many saddened young souls were ripped of an opportunity to have a fun day at the pool. The rapper was not appreciated amid this controversy. 

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