MacBook Pro 2022 Review – Touch Bar Reintroduced

The all new MacBook Pro 2022 was just revealed recently. Turns out, Apple have again introduced the touch bar in the new 13 inch model. The touch bar was eliminated out of the MacBook Pro in 2021. 

The New MacBook Pro 2022

MacBook Pro 2022 is quite special for many people around the world. Its the only laptop that comes with the new M2 chip. The inclusion of these chips started in November 2020. These chips have reportedly made the MacBook stronger, smoother and more silkier. Although, until the release of MacBook Pro 2022, Apple used the M1 chips. In this new model, they came up with an even potent CPU, the M2 chip. While this doesn’t remain the only reason as to why you should buy this laptop. The all new 13 inch MacBook Pro offers a great battery life as well. It’s reportedly better than all of the previous Pro models. It can last up to 18 hours of continuous use. 

The Touch Bar Issue

Well one thing that has exasperated many people is the shocking inclusion of the touch bar. It was abandoned in the MacBook Pro 2021 due to its irritating location. Function keys used to be there in place of the touch bar. Not everyone likes the touch bar. Whenever people try to reach for something close to the touch bar, even a slight touch might result in a bigger inconvenience. So the question remains, do people even want the touch bar?

Although touch bar is not the only issue some might face. The LED screen remains the same as well. The camera also didn’t get any upgrade. Its still the 720p old camera. However, the Air versions have started giving the 1080p camera. No inclusion of new speakers as well. 

Why Should You Buy MacBook Pro 2022 in 13 Inch?

The basic question in every individuals mind before buying MacBook Pro is quite simple. “Should I go for the 13 inch variant while the 14 and 16 inch variants are more strong?”. Well the asking price for this variant in $1299. Its significantly increased mainly due to the M2 chip inclusion. The M2 chip is all set to completely revolutionise the way we look at MacBook’s. The new Pro model has got a 10-core GPU. This makes the 13 inch version a bit silky. The graphics are going to be just too good.

On the other hand, MacBook Air 2022 will maintain a 8-core GPU. The first ever M2 chip introduced will also work with the 13 inch model as you wouldn’t have to up your budget to go for the larger variants. The design and display is also quite better than those produced in the past years. The 4K resolution has just got a bit more classier than it was. No new speakers were instilled but Apple still somehow managed to make the sound appealing. The battery power has also been enhanced compared to the previous models.

The takeaway from this review is that the new MacBook pro 2022 doesn’t have any significant changes other than the giant M2 chip. Yet it is still a great laptop to use within the given price tag. The touch bar might have some people on the fence but there are some people who adore the multifunctional strip.

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