Tom Holland As The Next James Bond?

Tom Holland has paced up the competition of who’s going to become the next James Bond, putting the likes of Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill worrying. 

Ever since Daniel Craig completed his last instalment in No Time To Die and stepped down from the role of James Bond, its been up for grabs. The official announcement hasn’t been made yet but will be soon enough. Although, several candidates have been enlisted by the experts and leakers. 

A number of British starts such as Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Rege-Jean Page and Henry Cavill have been posed as the next James Bond. Thus, all eyes are on this new entry to an already long list, Tom Holland. Tom has become a big star thanks to his role in Marvel’s Spiderman trilogy and a number of Avengers appearances. 

Tom first appeared on Captain America: Winter Soldier before having a series of his own. He ended on a higher note with Spiderman: No Way Home, which set world records by the way. However Tom revealed himself that his contract with Marvel has come to an end after his third and final Spiderman movie. 

Tom Holland The Next 007?

He said that \”(No Way Home) would be my last one. So, I’ve always said to them if they want me back I’ll be there in a heartbeat.\” He further added that \”If they want me back I’ll be there, if they don’t I will walk off into the sunset a very, very happy person because it’s been an amazing journey.\”

Now this kid has a genuine shot on becoming the next 007. Tom Holland has been given 40/1 odds in becoming the next James Bond by Ladbrokes. 

This would quite a revamp for the James Bond franchise as Tom is quite young yet. He is 26 years old as of current. And Daniel Craig was in his mid 30’s when he accepted the role of James Bond. Reports have been saying that taking in someone as young as Tom could be great for the future. 

Although it must be said that the Witcher, Henry Cavill has the best odds according to Ladbrokes, 7/4. 

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