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Leica Launches A New $20,000 Exclusive Camera

Leica have been one of the best camera making companies of the decade. What makes them so perfect and loveable is the pinpoint German engineering and developing. The portability, light weight, easy to handle features and extremely brilliant result is also a game changer. However one of their most recent products have caught the attention of many people around the world. They have introduced a new Camera that reportedly has 0 megapixels and a shocking price tag of $20,000. 

Leica’s camcorders are widely bought by many people around the globe. Their most loyal buyers usually turn out be either street photographers or tourists. Although their newly launched Leica M-A Titan has given home to many questions. 

The all new limited edition Leica M-A Titan will cost an individual around $20,000 which is quite ridiculous. 

What’s Special About Leica M-A Titan