Leica Launches A New $20,000 Exclusive Camera

Leica have been one of the best camera making companies of the decade. What makes them so perfect and lovable is the pinpoint German engineering and developing. The portability, light weight, easy to handle features and extremely brilliant result is also a game changer. However one of their most recent products have caught the attention of many people around the world. They have introduced a new Camera that reportedly has 0 megapixels and a shocking price tag of $20,000. 

Leica’s camcorders are widely bought by many people around the globe. Their most loyal buyers usually turn out be either street photographers or tourists. Although their newly launched Leica M-A Titan has given home to many questions. 

The all new limited edition Leica M-A Titan will cost an individual around $20,000 which is quite ridiculous. 

What’s Special About Leica M-A Titan

Well in all fairness the camera does possess feature that are out of blues but do they actually justify the price tag? The whole camera is made up of titanium metal. One of the most elite materials in the tech industry. The titanium steel doesn’t make the camera heavy at all but its actually one of their most light weighed products as of current. It also has a APO-Summicron-M 50 mm f/2.0 ASPH lens attached onto it. Its also an Analog camera that uses films to click pictures rather than producing digital images itself. 

Although its official now that this camera is not meant for the photography fans. 

Leica has always been the epitome of producing limited edition camcorders. The M-A Titanium is not their first one. They have had about 5-6 limited edition cameras up till now. Some of them have also used titanium steel. 

Why Camera Companies Are Struggling?

Leica is also struggling to capture more of the market. The company was even on the verge of bankruptcy in 2005. They sell about 90,000 camcorders per year. Which is quite less to be fair. Their direness is somewhat justified as many camera making companies are struggling. Some have even shut down. One of the major factors of such worst scenarios are the impeccable mobile cameras being produced. Given that mobile cameras don’t ever live up to an actual cameras standards yet they are more in demand. But why wouldn’t you buy a smartphone that gives you a decent enough camera alongside several other features. Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel have been making the most out of these opportunities. People tend to carry lesser stuff with them while travelling to stay more comfortable and efficient. Why would they carry additional stuff. 

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