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Las Vegas Allowing The Consumption Of Marijuana Outdoors

Las Vegas has been the hub of partying since decades now. Almost everything is legal in the sin city. Yet there still remains a questionable activity. As it seems, you can’t consume Marijuana in the city. 

Well truth be told, Las Vegas did make the purchasing of Marijuana legal but no one is allowed to smoke it out of their property. For instance, if you’re not a citizen, you can’t consume it in the casinos, hotels or any other public places. Although you can buy it. 

Vegas has a pretty flexible law system. You are allowed to smoke around the city unless you cause any chaos. The atmosphere around the sidewalks always suggest the possibility of any non-cigarette related stuff. 

I mean, lets face it, people want to make the most out of their marijuana sessions. They don’t wanna have it while being full of fear. It sort of kills the whole point of relaxing. But it appears, the sin city has decided to make amends. 

Las Vegas is currently deciding on constructing certain lounges that will allow the people to enjoy their marijuana like they want it. 

The state of Nevada has been trying to get people on board with the idea of constructing marijuana lounges. Its been almost a year. They were given the green light for their idea but the question of how it will be maintained thrashed in their faces. 

However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported something spicy for the people of Las Vegas. They were buying time to make some important rules and it seems like, they’re on board with the idea now. The journal also included, “While minor wrinkles in the licensing and regulatory policies can still be ironed out, Tuesday’s step laid the groundwork for local jurisdictions to regulate pot lounges,”.