Is It Normal for Cats to Lose Their Teeth Reasons and Solutions

Is It Normal for Cats to Lose Their Teeth? Reasons and Solutions


Is it normal for you that your cat to lose their teeth? If not then I think you are worrying about this problem and also finding a solution to it. Don’t worry we are here to give you the best solution to prevent your cat lose their teeth.

According to our team, it is normal for a cat to lose their teeth if the age of the cat is around about 3 to 4 months. Although, if the adult cat is losing their teeth then it is not okay because this will be a sign of dental disease or any other health problems.

As you know dental disease is a very typical and common issue in cats and which have a significant impact on the overall health of cats. Also, it will have a big impact on their quality of life. This will occur due to many problems which we discuss in this article.

We also told you when you will get to know and find that your cat is losing their teeth. It is important for you to keep attention on your cat because this kind of problem will also lead your cat to other serious problems.

Reason why Cats lose their teeth:

Before we tell you how to prevent your cat lose their teeth, it is important to understand why this problem occurs and what are the reasons for this problem.

Periodontal disease:

This disease will be caused because of the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the cat’s teeth. This will lead your cat to inflammation and infections of gums and tooth roots. Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss, bad breath, pain, and your cat face difficulty eating.


This will happen when the cat suffers an injury that damages and knocked out the teeth of your cat. Trauma could happen to your cat because of fights, accidents, or chewing hard objects.


feline immunodeficiency virus

Infection is when your cat has a viral or bacterial infection that affects the mouth or overall body of your cat. Few infections that cause tooth loss which includes feline immunodeficiency virus, leukemia, and feline calicivirus. 

Congenital defects:

This defect is when your cat is born with usually abnormal or missing teeth. There are few breeds of cats that are prone to this condition as compared to others like Abyssinian, Persian, and Siamese.


This is when your cat is eating such kind of food which is too hard for its teeth. You can say that eating hard food is also a cause of cats losing their teeth. The other soft food will promote tartar and plaque build-up. On the other hand, hard food will cause fractures and tooth wear.

Cats lose their teeth: Possible solutions to prevent this problem:

After understanding the reason, now we are going to tell you the solution to prevent cats lose their teeth.

·         Brushing:

•	Brushing

This is one of the best ways to keep the teeth of your cat remain clean and healthy. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that is specially designed for cats, you should brush your cat at least one to two times a week. Avoid human toothpaste because it is toxic for cats.

·         Dental check-ups:

Dental check-ups

Take your cat to the vet or any professional dentist for cleaning and checkup. Do this at least one time in a whole year or you can do this twice in a year. This will also be helpful even if your cat has signs of dental disease, the vet will remove the tartar and plaque and also check the other problems like infection, and injuries.

·         Dental treats:

This is a special solution as it helps to lower the plaque and tarter on the teeth of cats. Basically, they have ingredients and crunchy texture which promote dental health. You should need to give your cat dental treats which is the part of its daily diet. But it will not substitute for dental checkups and brushing.

·         Dental toys:

These are such kinds of toys that are helpful to stimulate your cat’s gums and clean the teeth of your cat. Basically, they have a rope-like rubbery material that your cat can chew on. Kindly provide your cat with dental toys during the cat’s playtime. But it is not a substitute for brushing or dental check-ups.

·         Dental diet:

It is a type of food that is specially formulated to enhance the dental health of your cat. A dental diet has a large kibble size and few ingredients which prevent tartar formation and plaque. You need to consult your vet before switching your cat to the dental diet because maybe it is not suitable for all the cats.

·         Root canal:

It is a type of dental procedure that save a broken or infected tooth from being extracted. A root canal involves removing the pulp and filling the tooth with a material that seals it from bacteria. A pulp is a soft tissue inside the tooth.

A root canal can help preserve your cat’s tooth function and appearance, and also prevent pain and infection. Although, not all cats are good candidates for root canals, and you should consult your vet about the risks and benefits of this option.


It is normal for kittens to lose their teeth as they grow, however, it is not normal for adult cats to lose their teeth, because it will be a sign of dental disease or other health problems. There are several reasons which can lead cats to lose their teeth, including periodontal disease, trauma, infection, congenital defects, and diet.

Although, there are various preventive solutions that can be taken to maintain the dental health of cats, such as brushing their teeth, providing dental treats and toys, dental check-ups, and a dental diet. In severe cases, a root canal procedure is helpful to preserve the tooth function and appearance of cats. It is essential to pay attention to your cat’s dental health and take preventive measures to avoid potential problems that could affect its overall health and quality of life.

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