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IPhone 14 Could Possibly Have This Massive Change

Many people around the world are waiting tirelessly for the release of the new IPhone 14. Many sources claim that its going to be Apple’s most successful phone as of yet. The phone does seem to get a lot of changes but here’s one thing that will change the whole complexity of the matter. 

Apple now uses a lightening connector for charging the phones. In the early days, they used a 30-pin port. But the lightening connector has done wonders since its launch. Apparently it can fully charge your phone under an hour. The users also refer to it as ‘fast charger’. However, Apple might face a heavy blow as many lawmakers are suggesting them to discontinue the lightening connector for iPhone 14. 

Authorities in the States want Apple to make and sell the type of charger that is used by everyone around the world. The most used charger in the world is USB-C. Many different android devices already use the type C charger and the US government wants Apple to do the same.