iOS16 Will Revolutionise The Lock Screen Of Your iPhone

iOS16 is probably the most awaited software of the year. Apple has a knack of revealing their new iOS alongside the new devices for the year. As things stand, iOS16 will help you contract features never expected in an Apple device. 

iOS16 is looking better and better as we get closer to the launch date. It will allow the users to perform a number of tasks on their compatible Apple devices. One of the most exciting and interesting feature will be discussed in this post. 

Lock Screen Customization In iOS16

Apple has persevered its way through the storm and now developed a new lock screen customisation feature. It will allow the users to build a lock screen according to their best interests. You will also be able to add a number of things on a singular lock screen. 

Lock Screen Wallpaper 

iOS16 will enable the users to display their lock screen with widgets, different fonts, colours, photos and emojis. Default lock screen wallpapers can also be customised. You can hold up to many customised lock screen designs just like the Apple Watch faces. 

Apple will certainly come with some default wallpaper options. The list is expected to be very vast and categorised. Reportedly, you will be able to choose from an extensive collection of wallpapers. The option of “People” will be sitting up top that will cover all the pictures you have taken of people through your iPhone Camera. 

iOS16 will also feature the option of emoji-animated wallpapers. You will be allowed to select up to six emoji’s to successfully create a new lock screen wallpaper. The emoji’s will take up different shapes and sizes to make the wallpaper more organised and thoughtful. However, its not necessary for them to be of different sizes, you can edit that as well. Users will also be given the opportunity to decide the background colour for this particular wallpaper. 

The featured options of weather images, astronomical images and simply coloured images will also be available. 

Lock Screen Time In iOS16

Apple will certainly not follow the nostalgic suit of the mainstream time. Perhaps this time, the users will be guaranteed different fonts, colours and sizes to customise their lock screen time. 

Now the most annoying thing is that the time on the top of the lock screen covers the whole wallpaper. The whole credibility of a good wallpaper image gets shadowed. However, in iOS16, the users will be able to cover the time with their wallpaper. But make sure that you don’t overshadow the whole time as you will only get ridiculed whilst reading the time. 

Lock Screen Widgets

When widgets were first introduced in the iOS15 update, they were highly applauded by users all across the world. They tended to make the home screen more detailed and interesting. Apple had to do the same with the lock screen after they faced great appreciation for this particular feature. 

Now here’s the catch, you can have widgets both above the time and below the time. You can select up to four widgets below the time. 

The most anticipated widgets to be placed below the time are the battery, calendar, news, home and weather widgets. Don’t be worried for their sizes based on how they look on the home screen. iOS16 will feature better and more decently sized versions of these widgets. 

Features like live updates, focus modes and flexible notifications are also expected to be included on the lock screen. 

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