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iOS15’s Visual Look Up Feature Is Truly Next-Gen

Technology has been transforming rapidly. Tech firms are truly revolutionising the way we look at certain things. Apple therefore, is also improving their existing operations. Apparently, there’s a feature in iPhone’s with iOS15 that allow you to identify objects through pictures. 

As ridiculous as it sounds, its actually true. When iOS15 first came out, it possessed a lot of features. One of them was “Visual Look Up”. This feature allows you to search and recognise objects or any particular things available in a photo. For instance, if there’s a photo in your gallery of a plant, you can actually identify its name and species without having to actually search for hours. 

How Can It Be Done

The process of visual look up is actually quite convenient. All you have to do is open the photos on your iPhone. Select a picture with something you want to look up. An “i” letter will lie underneath. If the letter has a little sparkle on the its shoulder, then it means it has found some information about the thing you have been meaning to look up. Click the icon and then further click on the look up option and you will be shown possible results about the particular thing.