iOS15’s Visual Look Up Feature Is Truly Next-Gen

Technology has been transforming rapidly. Tech firms are truly revolutionising the way we look at certain things. Apple therefore, is also improving their existing operations. Apparently, there’s a feature in iPhone’s with iOS15 that allow you to identify objects through pictures. 

As ridiculous as it sounds, its actually true. When iOS15 first came out, it possessed a lot of features. One of them was “Visual Look Up”. This feature allows you to search and recognise objects or any particular things available in a photo. For instance, if there’s a photo in your gallery of a plant, you can actually identify its name and species without having to actually search for hours. 

How Can It Be Done

The process of visual look up is actually quite convenient. All you have to do is open the photos on your iPhone. Select a picture with something you want to look up. An “i” letter will lie underneath. If the letter has a little sparkle on the its shoulder, then it means it has found some information about the thing you have been meaning to look up. Click the icon and then further click on the look up option and you will be shown possible results about the particular thing. 

Potential Things That Can Be Looked Up

Now, not everything you want to look up will come back with results. There might be some certain things that will make this feature up and running. Most anticipated things or objects can include animals, paintings, famous clothing, watches and other alike objects. Now as mentioned earlier, it won’t be able to identify everything but it can shockingly recognise the least anticipated things as well. It can also work on screenshots or airdropped pictures. Many people worry that it might only work on pictures taken by their own camera. You can even select certain texts or words from screenshots to look up their meaning or origins. 

Although Apple is quite late to the party. Many apps have offered this feature before them. For instance, Snapchat scan provides the very same facilities but its often a hassle to operate it. Google Lens is also a credible source of looking up things through pictures. Apple’s visual look up feature ensures efficiency and convenience to the users. I myself have used both the snapchat scan and google lens, but the joy I got from using iPhone’s version of identifying things topped them all. 

What More Can We Expect 

As things stand, Apple doesn’t seem to upgrade this feature to greater horizons. Although there have been some weak spots found with this feature. Sometimes, if you look up a certain location or place, it comes back with a result of the place being in the US. Even if the location is outside of the States. Its also widely available in different parts of the world. 

Now it got me to thinking that what if we can plan our schedules through iOS15. For instance, if we look up a certain plant or flower, can we expect siri to tell us how often do we water them. Would we be able to set up a schedule? Or if we look up a particular diner, can siri update us about its opening hours and hours that will be the most convenient for us. Only time will tell us about this. However, if this feature does come to reality, we won’t see technology the way we used to.

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