6 Helpful Apps That Improve the Quality Of Your Life

6 Helpful Apps That Improve the Quality Of Your Life


Are you wondering about any app that improves the quality of your life? If yes then we will tell you about these apps that definitely help you out. Because in this article, we are going to discuss 5 apps that improve the quality of your life.

These apps are based on organization, your health, reducing stress, and your fitness. So, if you have any other apps except those that I mention here then kindly please comment below.

6 Helpful Apps That Improve the Quality Of Your Life

1. Fabulous:


This app is available on the Apple store and Google Play store. It is a very versatile app that you can use multiple times to increase your personal growth. You can choose this app in terms of helping you to build positive habits for a good lifestyle. Fabulous will send you reminders that you have to drink water, you have to eat now and this will slowly increase the number of habits unless you have a totally perfect morning routine.

The fabulous app is also used to do meditation, yoga exercises, stretching exercises, and other kinds of workouts. The app will tell you how much time you have to do one exercise through voice. The images are shown on the screen which represents that you have to do this exercise in this position. So it will improve the quality of your life.

2. Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation:

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

This is also available on both the Apple store and Google Play store. The purpose of this app is to help you out in night sleep and the app contains guided meditation. The voices in this app are very relaxing and calming and these are on multiple lengths that definitely suit your needs. One of my favorite voices in this app is Body scan meditation which is a total length of 21 minutes. When I reached 6 or 7 minutes I fall asleep. So this app will completely help you to get sleep with a relaxed and calm mind and that’s how you improve the quality of your life.

3. Google Opinions

It is just available on Google Play Store and it is a micro survey app. The purpose of this app is to give the option to the individual that they earn something and use them to buy a subscription or any app. The app uses the data that you send to Google and asks 3 simple and quick questions. These questions are about videos and places that you have watched. The answer will give in yes or no format which didn’t require any typing. You will earn 6p to 25p per survey and this money will come in the form of Google Play credit. So, you can spend it on buying any app or subscription to games.

4. Samsung Health:

Samsung Health

The app is available on both Google and Play Store and most Samsung mobile users use this app every day. Through this app, you can track or identify your heart rate, weight, sleep, stress level, exercise, step count, and caloric intake as well as water intake. You can also take part in challenges with other users on this app in which you have to do 200,000 steps per month. You can also make friends here and compete with them and once you start competing with others then you get motivated yourself and this will improve your quality of life.

5. Loop – Habit Tracker:

Loop - Habit Tracker

The purpose of this app is to track positive actions and form good habits in an effective and elegant way and you can download this app from Google Play. Through this app, you can set a task that you want to complete every day. To complete the task you need to input a time and then the app will create an alarm that reminds you or notify you about the task. When you complete the task then you can tick on the checklist which means this task is done and it enables you to track and color-coded the system along with the graph. Which tells you how frequently you are sticking to good habits and what you need to work on.

6. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is available on Google Play and the Apple Store and the purpose of this app is that the individual can read eBooks easily. These books can be in the form of university textbooks, recipes, or romance novels, it all depends on what you need.

Amazon Kindle has many classics that are completely free, so it is the perfect app to use when you are traveling to work to read those novels which you want. There are many recipe books too, which means you can have the recipe open on your phone or tablet when you are cooking.

Through this app, you can also highlight passages of books that you feel are precious and you can search for meanings of words. It is the perfect app to improve your quality of life and also activate your brain.

Final Words:

These apps offer a variety of features and functionalities, from building positive habits and improving mental well-being to tracking health and engaging in personal growth activities. Incorporating these apps into your routine can contribute to improving the quality of your life.

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