How To Use Hotel Rooms Safes: A Complete Guide To Secure Passsword

How To Use Hotel Rooms Safes: A Complete Guide To Secure Password


Wondering to know how to use hotel room safes and want to know how to secure your essentials in safe and create a strong password? Don’t worry we have a complete guide for you.

We frequently carry our essentials to the hostel or wherever we travel. These essentials are such types of which you should take care of. In these essentials, there are some items you need to keep safe and secure when you are on the trip: jewelry, a laptop, money, a passport, and documents.

That’s where hospitality and hostel safes act to arm travelers to secure their expensive belongings. However, there is no guarantee of this statement that the best hotels or guests will not be robbed of their belongings. Numerous stories state robberies will happen when hotel guests leave their rooms.

But all those stories of robbery share a common sight. None of them have used the hotel room safe to secure their belongings. They would have a greater sense of security if they had used it. But if you are that person who doesn’t know how to use a hotel room safe. Then don’t worry, we will tell you about it in this article.

How to Use Electronic Safes in Your Hotel?

How to Use Electronic Safes in Your Hotel?

The safes of electronic hotel rooms are the most typically used. The people who are guests in the hotel need to struggle with the old rough mechanical safes in hotels. If we compare these old mechanical with electrical safes, they are easy to use and serve high-quality standard security.

In addition, the guest must choose their codes carefully because they get hacked too. You need to set a secure password, which is difficult because most people set common passwords like 0000, 1234, 5678, 9999, etc. So you need to add some symbols or extra thing which makes your password strong enough. This will all lead to more safe security and stop mishappening, which may assist in losing some precious things.

There are multiple methods to unlock this kind of electronic safe, which include:

  • Using Bluetooth
  • Using a Proximity Card
  • Using a Cell Phone
  • Using a Digital Code

There could be any method that will secure the hotel room’s belongings. It is decided based on the type of hotel safe in the hotel room, except this. It also depends on the safe design available in the hotel room. It is commonly not easy to remember the security code, which is the biggest challenge.

Methods to Open Hotel Room Safe:

Methods to Open Hotel Room Safe

Currently, in this generation, all the hotels mostly install safes in their rooms. They don’t have a simple interface, but you can use it because it is safe. Plus, you should always remember the code and continue to process to assign the lock.

In a few hotels, mechanical safes are also present. Sometimes when you see a mechanical safe, it reflects the ancient era. They are more challenging to use as compared to digital safes. But when you know the process completely, it is easy to use.

You should always ensure the lock’s difficulty and code are functional. So, it would be best if you tried it without adding anything most of the time. You can take help from the hotel staff if you find it difficult. Further, it is important to inform the hotel authorities if you find any stuff inside the safe when I will go from here, then take it and save it. This step of yours will keep you safe if anything is found inside the safety associated with an offensive activity.

Methods to Open an Electronic Hotel Room Safe

Methods to Open an Electronic Hotel Room Safe

The safe of a hotel room offers you a sense of security to you and your family. So, if you still need to learn to open the safe when you are in room then read this step carefully. With the help of modern design approaches, it is easy to open a hotel room safely. Below are the methods that are useful in opening the hotel room safe:


The hotel where you stay provides you a proximity card which you buy close to the cashier’s door or trigger the door opening. That’s how the proximity card will work with the safe.


The Bluetooth unlock feature depends on the mobile app. The user needs to install it and connect it to their device. You can use it as a remote in a one-time code for additional security. The user can easily change the code more than one time in a single day.

Digital code:

The last step is to create a code and save the numeric keypad at the front of the box; then, set a password and save it.

In a few situations, you can’t access the safe. Usually, this will happen if you forget the code or lose the key. So can open the safe manually through the master or mechanical key in the case. You can use that key when the above methods don’t work.

Methods to Open Mechanical Safes:

Methods to Open Mechanical Safes:

The mechanical safe is very old and has the oldest model used in most hotels. But that doesn’t mean you will not find a mechanical hotel room safe ever in your life. It is simple to operate this safe. So, we will understand these configure and try to open them if you encounter one.

  • Enter the digits accord them ding to the knob, which you need to pull off
  • After that, hold the mechanical button
  • Here, you need to create a new combination of code
  • Now release the button once you have finished the process
  • Now, please close the door so you can use it next time by unlocking it.

The safe will open if the security code you entered is correct in Step-1. Otherwise, it will not open. You need to con. Otherwise, you get the default code from the hotel before unlocking the safe. After that, you can change the default code into your new security code to unlock it.

In addition, the security to unlock Hotel Room is a used el room. Thus, we recommend you change the password using this kind of Safes in the Hotel Room safe when you enter the first time in the room.

Doing that will make you less exposed to theft or other damage, as there are many stories we have heard about when basely hotel employees theft. In that situation, the guests will become the victims and have to pay the loss in which they don’t do anything.


This article provides information on using hotel room safes to keep your valuable family secure. Electronic safes are the most typically used in hotels and provide high-quality security.

It is important to choose a secure code that is difficult for individuals to open and avoid common passwords like 0000 or 1234. There are multiple ways to unlock electronic safes, such as Bluetooth, proximity cards, cell phones, or digital codes.

Mechanical safes are not popular now because they get old and are also present in some hotels. If you need to remember your code or lose your key, you can contact the hotel staff to lead you in opening the safe manually.

It is important to inform the hotel authorities if you find any suspicious activity associated with the safe. Following these guidelines ensures your family remains secure and protected while staying in a hotel.

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